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News Feed 2014 Wow! What a few months we have had at Essex Pooch Paalce. For starters our Essex Pooch Palace Charity Ball for Little Havens Children's Hospice was a major success and all who attended had a fantastic time with many familiar tv faces including: Julian Dicks ( West Ham ), Lorne Spicer ( Carbooty ), Ricky Grover (Eastenders ), David Van Day ( Dollar ) and Sue Moxely. Infact it was such a great night that with all you guys and your pooches help and amazing generosity we raised a massive £9,000 !! Wow !!!

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Other News
Also our essex Pooch Palace birthday parties have been making national reading with our little guest Alfie's party making three pages of it in the Daily Telegtraph Magazine ( Saturday 7th December )

Listen Guys we here over at the palace get some amazing media oppertunities and as always we love to include the ones that matter most ( you guys and your beautiful poochies! )

dog boarding services

Thanks to everybody's efforts on the day you helped raise over £9,000 for this wonderful and well deserving charity - It was a fantastic turnout as we know you're all busy people! - you guys were amazing and without all of your support this fantastic day would not have been possible!

Dog Pagent & Tea Party
Can I just take this oppertunity once again for trusting us with your precious poochies and giving us the chance to do what we love best.

Furthermore we've got lots of news coming soon about our Pooch Pagent and Mad Pooch Party. Yes guys you read it correctly right here at the palace we are hosting one of the first tea parties in the UK for dogs - well if it's good enough for Hollywood then it'd good enough for Team EPP HaHa ( Just a Little harmless fun ).

dog boarding services

dog boarding services

If this is something that might interest you, please don't hesitate to contact us - it's all good harmless family fun - and why not i'm sure they're worth it!

Thanks again ...
Lastly, a big thank you to all my girls at Essex Pooch Palace for all the dedication you have shown - it really shows and the dogs really appreciate it to! Thanks again, Love Tracey and all at Essex Pooch Palace.

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Links & EPP Friends
Bucament Bay

k9 Angels Dog Charity

Help save dogs from the meat trade in Asia! visit K9 Angels website to help them rescue some very afraid wonderful dogs from the meat trade in Asia by giving them a loving new home! These people really are angels and lovely girls - If you feel you can help out please get in touch with them!

The K9 Angels are a brilliant charity and we will be supporting these amazing ladies in more events in the future.

If you would like to join in, please watch for details of any new events on our facebook and twitter pages - we would love to see even more of you there with your dogs next time !

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Bigger Boarding Guests
Listen Guys! I have had lots of calls to board some larger dogs and even though I'm sure they are all really wonderfull I'm afraid that some of our guests ( who are mostly small to medium sized ) might feel a little frightened by these bigger dogs. However, as I like to help out as much as I can please phone if you have a bigger dog and I will be happy to recommend someone else who can accomodate these larger dogs.

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